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The NumericInputBox exposes all the events that a standard System.Windows.Forms.TextBox exposes.

For a list of those events see:

It also exposes one additional event: UpdatedValue

This event fires whenever a new value is committed.

The VB.Net signature is:

Private Sub NumericInputBox1_UpdatedValue(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As TnTinMn.NIB.NumericInputBox.UpdatedValueEventArgs)
End Sub


The C# signature is:

private void numericInputBox1_UpdatedValue(object sender, TnTinMn.NIB.NumericInputBox.UpdatedValueEventArgs e)


TnTinMn.NIB.NumericInputBox.UpdatedValueEventArgs exposes two Properties:

  • OldValue - The value before the change.
  • NewValue - The current value. The same as NumericInputBox.Value.

Both of the properties are of type ValueType.

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