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Notes on Data Entry

  1. The NumericInputBox is designed specifically for the entry of numeric values.

  2. The user is prevented from entering most non-numeric characters.

    The exceptions are : minus (-), the decimal mark, and the thousands separator, and the Exponentiation character "E" (only allowed for floating point types) for scientific type notation.

  3. Thousands separators are completely ignored and may appear in any number and/or order.

  4. Decimal marks are restricted when the NumericInputBox expects integer type values.

  5. The minus sign is may only be entered at the beginning of a value or after the exponentiation character "E".

  6. If you start entering a value and have not committed the value by leaving the entry field, if original value may be restored by entering the "Esc" key.

  7. The Paste Option will only be enabled if the result of the paste is results in a valid entry; otherwise it will not be available.

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