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The NumericInputBox inherits most of its properties from the TextBox class.

However, many of these properties that are not applicable to it’s functionality (for example:  Multiline); therefore, they have been hidden. 

Public Property Name Description


Type:  NumericInputBox.DisplayedFormatProperties
A set of values that defines how the entered number is to be formatted.


Type: NumericInputBox.ErrMessageProperties
A set of values that defines how error message are to be presented.


Type: NumericInputBox.RangeCheckProperties
A set of values that defines how to validate value to satisfy an allowable range of values.


Type: NIBSystemTypes - an Enum

Defines which numeric System.Type the NumericInputBox is to represent.

Allowable values are:

  • Byte
  • Double
  • Decimal
  • Int16
  • Int32
  • Int64
  • SByte
  • Single
  • UInt16
  • UInt32
  • UInt64


A read-only value the represents the value formatted as defined by DisplayedFormatProperties


Type: ValueType

The numeric value of the entered number.

The Value property is bindable through the designer PropertyGrid.

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